Successful Launch of the new West LMX

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West’s official launch of the New LMX Sports Racer prototype at Bira International Circuit was an overwhelming success with over 70 people making the 2 hour trip from Bangkok to the track. A number of race drivers and team managers joined us on the day, with test drives by local professional drivers Jack Lemvard, Kantadhee Kusiri and up and coming Danish driver Victor Conrad.

After some demonstration laps earlier in the day by factory test driver, Lionel Lefebvre, West then conducted a formal presentation unveiling the technology and end engineering development involved in the hi-tech LMX sports racer.

Lefebvre Lionel comments:
“It is an incredible moment to drive a car that we have built from the ground up and to be able to see that it has extraordinary performance in every point”

Those who drove the car we astounded at the speed and sure-footed handling of the vehicle with all drivers commenting on how late they can brake into a corner and the high corner speed. Comments from Jack Lemvard were: “The car was so much fun and far easier to drive than I thought and had a blast.”. Victor Conrad: “The downforce on the car was incredible and the traction was awesome. The speed was unbelievable, I loved it from the first drive.”

Even West’s new COO, Dean Chapman, did a few laps at the end of the day, commenting “After seeing the car built here locally in Thailand it’s amazing to feel how fantastic it is on track. It’s completely different compared to any other category here in Thailand as it has been engineered to be a race car and not modified from a road car.”

Our strategic partners, Lenso, RunStop, Profender, and Motul set up displays on the day, and during the official section, RunStop and Profender also presented to our visitors.

Overall it was a very successful day that was enjoyed by all.