The Company

West Race Cars is a leading constructor of championship winning sports prototype racers in the US and the Asia-Pacific region.  Headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia, West is focused on the production of the WX10 model as well as continual development of new features and improvements!  Our 600+ square metre facility houses car assembly areas, inventory and parts, a machine room and a service area. Owner Greg Steer has been involved as a shareholder in West since inception in 2005, and as a distributor and managed an 8 car team in Australia in the Australian Sports Racer Series.

The NEW West WX10-CR is the culmination of hundreds of thousands of dollars of wind tunnel and advanced suspension and chassis research to produce the fastest and best handling sports prototype racer on the plant. The West (WR1000 and WX10) also run competitively in FIA, CAMS, SCCA, NASA, PBOC sanctioned events and in Australia, Malaysia & North America, having won multiple national championships over the years and owner of lap records at just about any track that counts.

This is a unique aspect of the West cars…they are easy to acclimate to for the novice driver yet capable of easily winning races on a state or national level for the advanced driver.  No other sports racer is as versatile!

Our Focus

West is focused on two things – designing and manufacturing the best sportsracers on the planet and helping to promote places for drivers to drive our cars!  From a design perspective, West puts a true emphasis on actual design work, using all of the best technologies in the market today such as wind tunnel time, shaker rig time, electronic simulators, CF parts design, CAD and lots of on-track testing.  The effort we put into the design process of our cars cannot be matched within our target market!  And regarding markets, West focuses on the track day market as well as the club racing market.  The combination of these allow West drivers more places to drive their cars and more opportunity to get behind the wheel in different environments.


Aaron Steer in West WX10 - Sandown Victoria Aaron Steer in West WX10 – Sandown Victoria


We are currently looking for the partners / distributors in Europe, Malaysia & Singapore.  For inquiries, please submit a form from the “contact us” page.