The 2017 state of the art WEST LMX (formerly LMP4) was engineered by one of the biggest race car design houses in the USA using latest computer fluid dynamics (CFD) and Computer Aided Design (CAD) software to engineer the very best aerodynamic package available in the Sports Racer market today. Since the initial 2010 release of the WX10, over US$2m has been invested in aerodynamic improvements,  suspension, chassis, engine packages and drive train development including weeks of wind tunnel testing, CFD modelling and total re-development of the suspension by Level 5’s LMP2 engineering team delivered the most aerodynamic efficient and fastest DSR car on the planet. With track records set all over the USA and Australia, including the fastest outright lap at Road America by any SCCA category ever with a top speed of over 305 kmh* (September 2012).

The entire body, wing, floor and front diffuser is made from ultra-light carbon fibre with the total car weighing in at just on 400 kgs. Only highest quality materials are used, including foam cores, and aluminium honeycomb / carbon fibre composites for the highest levels of rigidity and safety.


The West 4130 chrome moly semi-monocoque space frame chassis is reinforced with riveted and bonded carbon-fibre panels for an extremely strong and rigid platform. The driver’s cockpit is a 1″ thick carbon fibre and urethane sandwich panel for extra safety and strength. The carbon over aluminium honeycomb integrated front diffuser / crash box gives unprecedented levels of safety and aerodynamics in a car at this level.

The West custom management software package has been developed over the past 18 months specifically for the new car with leading French & US based race technology providers and includes a fully integrated custom built West multifunction F1 type endurance steering wheel with 6-speed electronic paddle shift, pit lane speed limiter, radio coms etc,  maximising the cars performance and consistency.


The 2017 engine options include Kawasaki ZX10R and ZX14R engines adding a new dimension of cost effectiveness to this kind of car racing.

West LMX – Info At A Glance

  • Homologated for Australian Sports Racer Series;
  • West LMX is now officially the fastest SCCA car on the planet after smashing the field at the 2012 SCCA runoffs at the legendary Road America track;
  • Precision engineered to the highest world standards;
  • Semi-monocoque Carbon Fibre reinforced TIG wielded chrome-moly space frame chassis;
  • Full Carbon composite body;
  • Center lock West one piece wheels;
  • Hans device compatible Carbon Fibre reinforced drivers capsule and composite front crash box;
  • 275 kmh / 410Kg / 186 rear wheel horsepower;
  • Power by stock Kawasaki 2008-10 model ZX10R or 2007 – current model ZX14, integrated dry sump lubrication – very reliable;
  • Fully adjustable inboard suspension;
  • Optional custom West build Ohlins two way shock absorber upgrade;
  • CFD and wind tunnel developed & engineered aero package;
  • 6 speed sequential gearbox with bump or paddle shifter;
  • Full AIM electronic dash, GPS with data logging or optional West F1 style steering wheel which is fully integrated with the MoTeC ECU / logger;
  • Optional MoTech upgrade with sensor package available;
  • Full carbon fibre body & floor;
  • Low maintenance, high performance delivering the most affordable, high quality race car available in the world today;
  • Full local Australian and USA support and spares.

The new features on the 2017 car include:

  • All carbon fibre body & floor;
  • Totally re-engineered inboard suspension with one way shocks;
  • Totally new front diffuser – all carbon with detachable crash box;
  • Improved aerodynamics in general with 23% less drag overall and 16% overall down force increase;
  • Totally new cast rear differential housing with integrated dry sump tank;
  • Three stage dry sump system;
  • Wider cockpit & safety cell;
  • Light weight lithium polymer battery;
  • New West designed fuel cell – integrated swirl pot & pressure pump;
  • Taylor differential;
  • Carbon fibre wing-post with integrated catch-can;
  • One piece West wheels.

We also offer a range of premium options, including:

  • Suspension (two way) and shocker upgrade (to third spring);
  • Brake upgrade;
  • Electronics upgrade (with smart gear shifting and limp modes to prevent catastrophic failures);
  • Headlight and quick fill option for endurance/night racing;
  • We also offer either custom build turbo ZX10 or ZX14, as well as built naturally aspirated engines for lap records and fun track day cars.