The top secret turbocharged WX10-ST “Scott Tucker Prototype” West was Scott Tucker’s (Level 5) notorious West D Sports Racer for SCCA club racing. This car was so ridiculously, insanely overbuilt for the class that it was faster than professionally-ran LMP2 cars of the same era. This car set the outright fastest lap time for any SCCA category of all time at Road Atlanta race track and was over 4 seconds per lap quicker than any other CSR / DSR.


WX10-T (Electric)

The WX10 was offered as an all-electric sportsracer! Powered by Kleenspeed’s Thruxar motor, the all-electric WX10-T had similar performance to the WX10, producing 200hp and 165 foot pounds of torque starting at 1 MPH! With multiple battery options available giving you over 30 minutes of drive time at full race speeds. And battery recharges take approximately 1.5 hours. It’s an incredible way to get out on the track and save the planet at the same time. The interest level of this car has been extremely high.



The WX10 started on paper in 2006, with the first production car available in early 2009. Improvements were made over the previous model WR1000 in all major areas: drivetrain, aerodynamics, weight, safety, reliability and ease of maintenance. The bodywork is completely redesigned to be more aerodynamic and with less drag than the previous model. West now offers more powerplant choices than anyone – you can have your car built with a Honda CBR1000, Suzuki GSXR or Kawasaki ZX10R. Downforce is greatly increased through a completely redesigned rear wing, tunnel extractor and front diffuser – all matched to the extremely successful tunnel floor system from the WR1000. All components were designed in CAD (computer aided design) and the aerodynamic performance of the tunnel, wing, diffuser and bodywork was verified with advanced CFD testing. West still stocks and manufactures spare parts for this model.



Our first generation sports racer, the WR1000, had tremendous success in club racing and semi-professional series such as IMSA Lites and Australian Prototype Series (formerly Sports Racer Series). With 100 cars built and thousands of miles on the race track, the WR1000 has proven to be a solid performer. Still competitive in regional or national SCCA events as well as IMSA Lites and the Australian Prototype Series, the WR1000 is a great value! West still stocks and manufactures spare parts for this model.